About Scott Finazzo71bT8zmax8L._UX250_

My interest in writing began with a passion for reading. I would devour books as a child and, after taking a brief hiatus during my high school years, I picked up books once again as a young adult. In school, my favorite classes were always composition and creative writing because they allowed me the opportunity to conduct research and conceive narratives that were my own.

In college I dabbled in blogging which fueled my fire to create and was first published in 2009 when I submitted an article to Fire Engineering magazine. Since then I have become a regular contributor to multiple magazines and enjoy the variety they afford me.

A collaboration with friend and author Scott B. Williams led me to my first book publishing contract in 2014 when we co-authored the national bestselling book The Prepper’s Workbook. I followed that up with three other safety related books and a self-published narrative of a kayak adventure in the Virgin Islands.

I continue to find new venues in which to create using a combination of my experience as a career firefighter, everyday life interactions, and the intricacies of the fabric that ties it all together.

Thanks for stopping by.