Specially Designed Writing Journals

First Responder Writing Journals

First Responder Journal SeriesA Firefighter’s Story, A Paramedic’s Story, and A Police Officer’s Story are writing Journals specifically designed for first responders providing the opportunity to both document a career as well as curb the toxic effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Each entry allows for specific information about life on shift: unit assignment, crew, best part of the day, and most troubling part of the day. There is also space to vent, narrate, draw, create, or document your career spent as an emergency responder. It can be therapeutic, imaginative, and, most importantly, anything that you want it to be. It is your story.


A Teacher’s Story


A Teacher’s Story is a writing journal specifically designed for educators. Day to day interactions with students allows you to be an active participant in their lives. A teacher is an instructor, counselor, caretaker, disciplinarian, and advocate for those in your classroom. You continually adapt to different learning methods and personalize the growth of those students entrusted to you. This layout of this journal allows you to document your thoughts, successes, mistakes, and goals. The format challenges you to identify specific incidents that were the best part of your day, most troubling part of your day, and how you can make tomorrow better. It also asks you which student or students stood out that day and why. As a teacher, this book is your story.


A Dog’s Story


A Dog’s Story: a Writing Journal for Dog Parents.
There are few things in life that bring joy, love, and adventure quite like adding a dog to your family. A dog is a companion like no other. Their personality is as original and unique as a human’s. No two are the same. A dog provides years of companionship that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. A Dog’s Story is a writing journal specifically designed to document the journey of your four legged family member. Each entry asks specific questions like What was today’s fun adventure? and What was today’s funny/special moment?.

Whether you just brought your dog home for the first time or have a well established relationship, the time to start documenting your life together is now with A Dog’s Story writing journal.